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Volunteering for Pawprints on our Hearts Rescue Group is a rewarding and amazing opportunity for any cat lover! Check out below to see if you can help!


We are always looking for people willing to help out cats. Most of the cats we deal with are very nervous and often times feral cats. We need people who understand cat behavior to work with them on trusting humans. Each cat takes a lot of patience, love, and time, but once you create that bond with them its a wonderful experience. 


We are always in need of people who are able and willing to trap cats. Most of the cats we get have either been trapped by us or have been caught by others in the community. 


We occasionally are in need to transport cats to/from the vet/ shelter/ new foster homes/ etc. 


It always helps to get the word out. Any sharing, poster making, Facebook sharing, call outs, and/or fundraising gets the word out. Any help is always appreciated. 



We are always in need of monetary donations to cover veterinary bills. If you would rather donate in a different way we are ALWAYS in need of food and litter. We feed Purina Proplan kitten, Purina kitten chow, Purina One kitten, or Purina cat chow indoor formula. We mainly use Arm and Hammer  litter but any litter will do as long as its not scented with Glade. (some of the cats are not fond of strong smells)

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​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

If you would like to sign up to volunteer or help in a different way- use the contact button or reach out to our Facebook page. 


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