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Barn Cat Program 

We are seeking placement for outdoor/working cats. These cats require a barn or other secure structure out of the elements. These cats are considered not adoptable by local shelters and would do best living as working cats helping with rodent population. These cats do great on farms, warehouses, and other areas where rodent infestation is high. These cats sometimes adjust to indoor living but prefer to be outside working cats. The benefits of adopting barn cats are keeping rodent populations down, keeping rodents out of your grain, feeds, or other areas that are gathering rodents, and knowing you saved their life by adopting them. Some cats bond strongly with their caretakers over time as well. If you are interested in helping some of these cats please fill out an application. 

What you will need to provide

  • A warm, secure, dry barn or building in which the cats can live out their lives. This includes while they are contained as well as free roaming. They must have access to shelter whenever they feel the need.

  • The commitment and ability to keep the cats confined for four weeks to acclimate them to their new environment before release them.

  • A clean litter box that is scooped and/or cleaned daily while confined.

  • A constant supply of dry food and fresh water. While confined and for a short while after release, you should provide a small amount of canned food daily. Most cats love canned food - this will help them start to trust you and ensure they will stick around. They will still require access to food and water once released as a healthy well fed cat is a good hunter. 

  • Monitoring and providing for the safety and well-being of the cats as their caretakers.

  • Spending time daily making verbal contact with the cats so that they become familiar with you. This also helps in ensuring that they know and trust you. This will make releasing them and any medical care they may need much easier.

Adoption Fees

Barn cats will be adopted out in pairs or more. These cats are very social creatures and need to bond with another cat. When moved to a new location it is very stressful for the cat so when there is a familiar face its less stressful. Barn cat adoption fees are $50/each to help cover some of the medical expenses getting them vetted prior to adoption. 

We do occasionally have specials on barn cats when there are many cats needing placement. Adoption fees are then half off. 


The confinement period is at least 4 weeks sometimes longer depending on the cat. Cats should be confined in either a large dog crate (able to have litterbox, food/water dishes, and area to sleep) or an enclosure that is cat proof. We use 6x6 dog runs with a wire top  and ensure that are small areas are covered and is escape proof. These cats will climb and some will dig if put on a dirt floor trying to escape. 

During this time create a schedule you will follow as to who tends to the cats, who feeds, who scoops litter, etc. This will familiarize the cats with the one person. Shy and nervous cats do best with a single person to start with. Once they are comfortable with you then you can add in others. This needs to be done daily. Always making sure they have fresh clean water is a must. 

You cat will learn to trust you faster if you sit in with them or spend at least a half hour with them daily. Don't try to touch or interact with the cat until you feel you bot hare ready for it. Pushing too soon will make them fear you more. The trick is to go slow and always make it a positive experience. Bring treats or canned food out with you. They may not eat in front of you but they will know that you are bringing something that they like. This will also help them learn to trust you. 

On the day that you are releasing them, make sure it is not raining. They will want to go out and explore but can easily get lost in their new surroundings without their scent to guide them home. Make sure to keep feeding them on a schedule and they should stick around. 

Recommended readings to make the transition smoother for both you and your new feline companions: 

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